easter ideas for kids

while my kids will not be getting on this list, what they’ll be getting is from this list. nothing compares to the magic of childhood, so i think it’s so important to put the time, money, and energy is providing the best for our kids. this here is what i’m loving!

1 my kids(8 year old boy, ten year old girl) are still very much into beanie boos. 

2 my son loves these bracelets.

3 my daughter will love these shoes/slippers.

4 so magical for kids, and who wouldn’t love a chocolate fountain.

5 i love seeing my kids read. this book series is a such a good one for boys.

6 at least one lipsmacker is a must for little girls every holiday.

7 super cute peeps nail polish set.

8 my little girl is loving twisty petz, the little animals that turn into a bracelet. found a bunny one for easter.

9 such a sweet little night light for both boys and girls.

10 my little boy would love a bug house.

11 both of my kids will be getting this ladybug land. what’s so cool is that you can order live lady bugs from amazon as well.

12 i always add these little scentco plush to gifts. they smell so good and are so cute.

13 the only thing better than stickers are smelly stickers.

14 we use this crayola paint constantly. such an a good inexpensive buy.

15 i adore hop. it is the cutest easter movie of all time in my opinion.

16 i can’t wait for my daughter to start this book series.

17 another great scentco product, smelly pencils.

18 chocolate bar maker. no other details needed.

19 i’ve had my eye on the english chocolate for a while. the time and price are right so i’m going for it. it’s supposed to be the best!

20 i bought this cotton candy maker for my kids two years ago. it’s still a huge hit. we just got it out yesterday!

21 the very best candy floss. we have five flavors now but these two are hands down the two favorites. it’s become a tradition to add new flavors at easter each year!

amazon best seller bags in brown

a brown leather bag is so fresh and classic in my opinion. it never goes out of style and it goes with everything. here are some of my favorite amazon best sellers in the brown, camel color i love.




1 multi zipper small crossbody bag here.

2 forestfish leather crossbody bag here.

3 lightweight medium crossbody bag here.

4 genuine leather backpack here.

5 large tote here.

6 amelie galanti crossbody bag here.

7 woven crossbody bag here.

8 leather satchel tote here.

9 crossbody bag with metal chain here.



amazon best seller handbags in spring colors

i love a colorful handbag for spring. even if your clothes say winter, your handbag is what reminds you and others that it’s spring. each one of these bags is an amazon best seller and each one comes in a variety of spring colors.



  1. b brentano vegan multi-zipper crossbody bag here.
  2. minicat crossbody cell phone purse here.
  3. lightweight medium crossbody bag with tassels here.
  4. 3 piece handbag set here.
  5. large soft leather tote here.
  6. triple zip pocket crossbody bag here.
  7. triple zip small crossbody bag here.
  8. retro sling shoulder bag here.